Efficiencies matter.  That’s why propane is the fuel of choice for oil and gas executives who are concerned about their environmental impact, but won’t compromise on performance or savings:

  • Propane offers capital savings on fuel consumption between 20 percent and 30 percent;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 35 percent with propane;
  • About a 9 percent reduction in sound levels compared to diesel generators;
  • 10 percent savings on the initial purchase of units compared to similarly sized diesel gensets;
  • Reduced amount of fuel deliveries, leading to lower costs and higher environmental benefits;
  • Cold-weather starting performance – start and stop as needed;
  • Propane can be stored indefinitely even in remote, rugged locations.


With decades of experience serving the oil and gas industry, Blue Flame Propane has you covered:

  • Bulk site deliveries
  • Skid tank refueling
  • Supplying propane-fueled generators at well sites and for contractors
  • Supplying 250-gallon-or-larger propane tanks, setup and delivery
  • Portable heaters for contractors
  • Fueling for water heaters



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